Jodie and Soda launched their $60,000 Secret Sound on 14 January 2019.

They gave away $10,000 to Hannah from Blakeview who guessed the first sound correctly on Monday 21 January. Then they launched a second sound for $25,000 and after more than five weeks that was won on Wednesday 27 February by Anne from Seaford.

Now, they have a third and final sound, with the winner set to pocket not only $25,000 but also a brand new Holden Astra from City Holden.

If we start giving away clues, you’ll be able to review them all online here.

GUESSES – SOUND 3 (FOR $25,000 and new holden astra)

GUESSES UPDATED TO 7am 3 april 2019

Vacuum cleaner cord retracting


Ripping brown tape off a cardboard box

A seatbelt retracting

The tape coming out of a pricing gun

Blowing up a balloon with an electric pump

Doing up a seatbelt

Pushing an old school typewriter to go to the next line


Replacing the ink cartridge in a printer

Cutting the tape on a label maker after making the label

The circle releasing on a vintage dymo label maker

A hole puncher piercing paper

Jodie opening the new Holden Astra

Old movie reel starting up


A self-inking stamp

Flicking through the pages on a jukebox and choosing a song

Opening a car with Remote Keyless entry

A car key extending out on the car remote

Striking a matchstick on matchbox and lighting it

Opening a can of Pringles


Loading a stapler and stapling

Date stamp

The shutter on a camera when you take a photo

A ‘chatterbox/fortune teller’ origami pyramid

Ejecting a CD from a car CD player

Closing the lid and locking it in to place on a multi pressure cooker


Swiping a manual credit card machine

The lens popping out when you turn on an Instax Polaroid camera 

Taking a screenshot on your phone 

The key hitting the paper on a manual typewriter

Using a hand held potato chipper

A shopping receipt being ripped from the cash register


Loading a new cartridge in to a printer 

Sliding the guillotine part on a Glad wrap box

A camera shutter speed opening and closing

Cylindrical spring loaded vegetable cutter

Labeling an item with a pricing gun

Opening can of tennis balls


Shuffling a deck of cards

Loading a Nerf gun

Putting keys in to the ignition barrel of a car

pulling out the tape and ripping it off a tape dispenser

Squeezing the handle on a metal flour sifter

Clicking in the back/boot cover in a hatchback


Loading a new cartridge in to an automatic air freshener

Opening fuel cap door and then removing fuel cap

Opening a fun size cereal box and then the plastic inside

Pressing rewind or fast forward on a cassette tape player

Shop price/ticket gun

Putting a coin in a figurine ‘vending’ machine


Turning the handle and the toy dropping on a gumball machine

Putting a coin in and twisting the lever on an old school toy vending machine 

Board game Trouble where you press the bubble in the middle and it rolls the dice for you

Shaking then winding a salt grinder

A Hungry Hungry Hippo board game, pressing the button and it grabs the balls

Pushing down on the cardboard tab and peeling it back on a tissue box


Closing the gate on a Ferris wheel

A cassette or video tape stopping and clicking back

Opening box of Arnott’s Shapes and the bag inside

Inserting a straw in a takeaway cup and swirling and slurping from the ice cubes in the bottom

Inserting a key in car door, unlocking and opening the door

The metal mechanism in an ice-cream scoop moving when it’s squeezed


Putting a can in a can crusher and crushing it – a Coke can

The slide going back and forth on a manual credit card machine

The mechanism on a Grandfather clock clicking on the hour, before the chimes

Opening the fuel cap on a car and twisting the lid 

Putting a coin in and it dropping down in the washing machine at the laundromat

Turning the knob on an ice tray in the freezer and the ice dropping


Pressing the button and the balls releasing in a game of Hungry Hungry Hippo

Squeezing the trigger of an old fashioned pepper grinder

Manually sharpening a pencil (and any other variation of pencil sharpening!)

Lifting the ring pull up and opening the lid on a can of Fancy Feast cat food

Cracking an egg on side of a bowl

Piercing then peeling back the foil a new tin of Milo 


A straw going in to a Fruit Box, drinking it then crushing the box

Pulling baking paper from the box and ripping it on the metal teeth – serrated edge

Loading paper into manual credit card machine and swiping it

Retracting a measuring tape

Pushing a cup up to a fridge ice dispenser and ice dropping

Coins being dispensed at a self service checkout 


Lifting up pulling out then cutting on the serrated edge, sticky tape from a dispenser

Opening Glad Wrap tearing it off then folding the box back down

A wooden Venetian blind opening

Ripping the envelope & removing the plastic from the keys to put in the car

Crunching an empty soft drink can with your hands

Putting the key in and turning the lock at City Holden’s front door – the shop front


Twisting a Rubik’s Cube

Opening a Le Snak – peeling back wrapper

Taking the blade off hair clippers and putting another one on

Pressing dome in the middle of Tumble Ball

Pushing a cup to an ice dispenser and the ice hitting the bottom of the cup

Going from one slide to the next on a projector wheel


Manual comb binding machine

Peeling back the lid on a cup of noodles

Opening the lid, tipping the mint out and closing the lid on Eclipse Mints

Removing the tag from clothing with a hand held remover

Opening a TicTac container tipping out a tictac then closing it

Pushing the button and extending the handle on a suitcase


Lifting and peeling back the tab on a cardboard parcel

Pulling the tab to open a can of Coke

Picking up and dropping the round tile in to position on Connect 4

Pushing the button on a Vintage spinning ashtray

Pushing and pulling out the strap on a spinning Kinder Surprise

Peeling the inner foil on a bottle of juice


Putting a key into a door and then dropping the keys onto the bench

Sucking Apple Juice out of the juice box with a straw

Taking the straw off a Ribena juice, opening the straw and putting it into Ribena

Putting your finger into an old rotary phone, winding back the dial and making a call

Pulling open the foil lid on a fruit snack pack tub

Opening a cassette case, taking it out, and shutting the case 


Pushing button to open a cassette walkman, putting in the tape then closing

Pulling up then pushing down handle on a vintage metal spinning top

Shaking a can of coloured hair spray, ripping the lid off with the sticky tape at the top

Coffee pod being put in a coffee machine

Putting in and ejecting a cassette tape

Ejecting cd from Walkman


Sharpening pencil and putting in pencil case

Loading a pez dispenser and then taking pez out of it

Putting the keys in the ignition then turning it

Balls falling when you turn a kaleidoscope

Cracking the lid then squeezing a baby food pouch with yoghurt, custard etc inside

Stepping on a juice box and squeezing out at the end


Old school ice-scream scoop where you press a button

Pushing then pulling a vintage Spinning top

Opening the cap gun, reloading then pulling trigger

Opening muesli bar box then the wrapper

Removing a Hot Wheels car from its packaging

Putting a cartridge game in an old Nintendo then removing it


Pressing eject on a VCR and pulling the tape out

Taking and old Kodak disposable camera from its plastic

Handheld mandolin slicer

Emptying the tokens on Connect 4

Ejecting an audio cassette from a car cassette player

Putting a slinky on the ground and the sound of it moving


Pushing up and down the handle on a spinning top

Putting a picture wheel in a 3D view master and clicking the button to change picture

Opening a barrel of monkeys tipping them out then closing the lid

Loading a cartridge in to a Kaleidoscope clicking the lever to change the image

Making a soft drink with a soda stream

Taking the lid off a old fashioned candy jar then replacing it


Peeling off the lid and then the foil from an avocado dip

Placing coins in a coin sorting money box

Using a children’s toy cash register

A manual salad spinner with a button and brake

Pulling a ring pull on a can of tuna and opening it

Pressing the teeth then the mechanism shuts on the ‘Crocodile’ game


Tupperware ‘Shape O’ holder. Pulling apart the two sides and twisting

Hitting the cue stick on a kids pool table and hitting the ball dropping 

Opening a box of Smarties and tipping some your hand

Twisting a Rubiks cube to match the colours

Pressing the button on the back of a Crissy Doll and pulling the hair

Opening a Sunnyboy and slurping out the contents


The velcro being ripped apart on a childs wallet

Opening a new jar of Nutella

Cutting and crushing chalk

Opening a Chupa Chup

Pulling sticky tape from the dispenser and cutting it on the metal teeth

Turning a kaleidoscope


Putting needle down on a record player

Turning the knobs to draw on an Etcha-Sketch

Opening and slurping on a cyclone

Breaking the security seal and opening snap lock bag of a hot chicken

Squeezing the handle on a metal flour sifter

Opening a Hubba Bubba packet, taking one out, then closing


Rolling & ripping off the bag in the fruit & veg section at the supermarket

Pulling the ring pull and peeling back the lid on a can of condensed milk

A roll of Hubba Bubba tape – pulling some out and tearing it off

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