Hannah from Blakeview won $10,000 with Jodie and Soda’s Secret Sound on Monday morning but the competition is not over!

Hannah correctly guessed that the Secret Sound was a “party blower retracting” just after 7am. She had worked it out via the clues on Mix 102.3 Facebook over the weekend.

Her reaction was so genuine as she shared the joy with her husband and two children.

Hannah is a stay-at-home Mum with kids aged 4 and 6. She is currently studying so she said the money will make a huge difference.

Hannah won $10,000 but this is Jodie and Soda’s SIXTY THOUSAND DOLLAR Secret Sound, meaning there’s still $50,000 to give away.

Within 20 minutes Jodie and Soda had launched a new sound, this time worth $25,000. We’ll be playing later this morning and across your work day with Michelle.