Jodie & Soda gave one lucky Adelaide couple a call this morning to let them know that they will be paying all their bills for an entire year!

Laurel & Vincent from Port Adelaide entered Mix1023’s ‘Live Free for A Year’ competition, telling the station they would get married if they won.

“I’ve got my little 8-year old here ready to go to school and she keeps saying ‘Mummy when are you going to married my Daddy?” Laurel said. “We said if we win this we definitely will go get married!”

Mark ‘Soda’ Soderstrom then told the excited mother-of-four that she would have to start planning for the big day.

“You need to set a wedding date, you and Vincent are getting married, Laurel you have won ‘Live Free for A Year’!”

While Laurel screamed the house down, her other half Vincent was left speechless.

“It’s absolutely mind boggling, you don’t know what it means to you… this is life changing,” he admitted. “I hope this isn’t a dream and I’m not still sleeping.”