Jodie decides to read out a 3 page letter that was sent into the Mix1023 station from an anonymous listener…

“I got a 3 page anonymous letter yesterday it spewed vile heinous stuff…it attacked every facet of my character from my laugh to my appearance to my family”

“I can sit here and say to that woman today P*** off that is not ok”

“Bullies trade on intimidation and they bank of being so nasty that people are frightened into submission, I won’t do that…if that was my child that wrote that I would be absolutely ashamed”

The open letter was followed by Mix1023 listeners supporting the Breakfast Presenter. Vicki from Two Wells said “Go Jodie I really enjoy your show, don’t worry about her she’s obviously a poo”

Jarrad from Salisbury “You have more support out there than you do have haters”

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