Comedian Joel Creasey is dating ‘professional underwear model’ Jack (“I’m told he’s got a great personality too but…”), who features heavily in Joel’s show at the Adelaide Fringe Festival.

After Joel caught up with Jodie and Soda on Mix102.3 breakfast on Friday, we think we know why he’s in the show so much…. it’s because he features in hilarious stories like this one (watch the video above).

We didn’t get the story from the very start (how did you get in such a state, Jack?) but Joel did tell us all about what he did to try to treat poor Jack’s twisted testicle.

Jodie was crying from laughter as Joel recounted the disastrous first idea – tiger balm (!) – and then his efforts to find an appropriate splint to help hold the testicle in place!

“I was like ‘I need a paddle pop stick’ but no, they’re too long and thin so I went and got a Magnum, you know Magnums have got those shorter ones?” Joel recounted.

“(So I) shoved a Magnum stick in there. And then I eventually took him to the hospital and they’re like ‘we were hours away from having to operate on him’!”

Jodie had a good question at that point, which she just managed to get out through her laughter tears.


“When you went to the 7-11 and said ‘can I please have a Magnum, I need a splint for my partner’s testicle’, what did they say?”

Joel replied: “Well they couldn’t really hear me because I was quickly eating the Magnum!”

Joel Creasey’s show at the Adelaide Fringe Festival is called “Drink. Slay. Repeat” in The Vagabond at The Garden Of Unearthly Delights. The remaining shows that aren’t sold out are: Friday (8 March) at 9.30pm, Saturday (9 March) at 10.45pm and Sunday (10 March) at 10.45pm. Tickets on sale here.

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