This morning Kyle and Jackie O caught up with Katy Perry for a special chat.

They spoke about a lot of different things, like performing on The Voice Australia grand final, when her next tour will be announced and about THOSE Orlando Bloom naked paddle board photos.

‘When we saw the pics Katy, he wanted to know – why weren’t you also nude? Did you have the foresight to think people might be around taking photos?’

‘Hahaha! That’s a great segue from therapy! I’ve had a lot of therapy about that moment actually,” she said.

“He asked me if I wanted to be [naked] and I was like, ‘ah no…’


‘You know when you’re dating someone and you think to might be fun to go make out over there, but I wasn’t in the mood, I saved it for the boat!

‘So why did HE go nude?’ the guys asked.

‘He wanted to show off for the people on the shore. He thought it was funny!’

‘Oh oh, it was SO funny because I was explaining Twitter and social media to him for weeks because he had taken a break and then all of a sudden he was like trending number one on twitter! Hahaha!’

Yes, he CERTAINLY was Katy…

*insert eggplant emoji*

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