Was KC in Adelaide a couple of weeks ago? Who was she visiting? It wasn’t Seb, does that mean she could be spending time with a certain heir to an ice cube fortune?

Rumours have been rife for weeks about KC Osborne, and to be honest, Michael hasn’t done anything to put out those flames, dropping all types of clues around the country about who he has been spending time with.

Erin and Soda spoke with KC this morning, and Soda has it on good word that she was recently in Adelaide…by the beach…upstairs.

Soda put the rumour to KC and, quite frankly, she was speechless at the assertion.

“Oh my gosh, what a small world. Ummmm…oh how do I say this? I don’t know, I think it’s hard to tell who people are at the moment with everyone wearing masks, don’t you?”

Listen to KC’s response to Soda’s line of questioning here:

Continuing his gentle prodding, Soda told KC that he had heard “a whisper” from somebody out at a pub a few weeks ago that a party moved back to a certain beachside pad.


“I’m not going to confirm it, no. Here’s the thing, here’s the thing. I don’t lie, I don’t lie, but out of respect for the show, just because it is still going for a few more days, I just want things to come out how they’re supposed to, instead of just chiming in on rumours. Because I’ve heard a lot of rumours that aren’t true,” KC continued.

And while Soda reckons that his mail is reliable, KC played a far straighter bat than Michael has, although she did mention that she’s open to moving to Adelaide for love.

“I would move anywhere for love.”

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