Jodie & Soda catch up with Australian Media Icon KerriAnne Kennerley who reveals her our personal experience of sexual harassment in the media industry.

“I was at a party once and the back of my dress was being unzipped”

“As I turned to swing around and hit said person I realised it was a really really really important person in the network and I said zip it up or I’ll deck you”

Kennerley indicates sexual harassment has been around in media since she first started and recent revelations of media personalities like Don Burke doesn’t surprise her.

“Sexism, the discrimination and appalling behaviour went on for years…the difference between the 80’s and 90’s was there were no laws, so it is fabulous that a lot of women are acknowledging this behaviour because who wanted to talk about it before you more than likely got fired”

“Having done a few stories with Don, I know about that and what I considered was unbelievably vulgar language and I’m not shrinking violet but even in those times it shocked me”


She says her new book ‘A Bold Life-KerriAnne Kennerley’ also tells the story of the moment a tabloid magazine used her cancer diagnosis for a story. “I remember one particular time I was sitting on a plane on the way for the charity I opened up the Saturday Telegraph because I see a picture of myself…

“Since when does having cancer become an opportunity for publicity starved celebrities, money hungry agents or foundations wanting famous ambassadors and it was a full page about myself Kylie Minogue and I think Delta was in there… I was gobsmacked and angry for a very long time”