Cheating has been a pretty common theme on this season of Married At First Sight and the one girl who seems to constantly get herself caught up in this affair drama is Jessika Power.

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And well, according to Cyrell and her overprotective brother Ivan, Jess has not only cheated with intruder Dan but also with Cyrell’s husband Nic on MAFS.

The whole Jessika and Nic thing isn’t a new idea. Mega fans of the show will remember that a rumour was spread about the pair claiming that Nic had been touching Jess’ leg under the table at the dinner party, sparking a major meltdown from Cyrell.

We also saw Jessika throw herself at Nic at a different dinner party as she pulled him aside and told him she had feelings for him. Although in this instance, the cameras showed him turning her down.

But according to Cyrell and Ivan, this isn’t where the Nic and Jessika storyline ends and it all came to light this morning on the Kyle and Jackie O show!


Nic had joined Kyle and Jackie on the air to chat about last night’s episode of MAFS where Cyrell’s brother Ivan kicked him out of their family home.

But things quickly took a turn when both Ivan and Cyrell called up the show to call Nic out on a few things, one being that he had cheated on Cyrell with Jessika.

Ivan was first to discuss the subject. During a rather heated argument with Nic live on air, Ivan accused Nic of being a cheater and claimed that he wasn’t the same person that we were seeing on our TV screens.

“You reckon the producers told you that I was cheating?” asked Nic as an argument brewed between the pair. “Fill us in.”


“All I know, what my sister has told me, is what her, the people in the cast, the producers, what they actually know happened the night of Jess and Nic,” Ivan said.

“So you’re saying something did happen between Jess and Nic?” asked Kyle.

“Yes, yes,” Ivan replied.

“You knew exactly what you were doing underneath that table. Plain and simple,” he said to Nic. “You’re no angel Nic. All you want is Instagram followers.”

Ivan seemed to claim that this cheating is something that occurred during filming as he said her hoped producers would air it.

“Hopefully the producers do the right thing and actually reveal it out there. I’ll leave that in their hands.”


As the war of words continued to escalate between Nic and Ivan, Cyrell called up the show to add in her two cents on this topic. She too claimed that Nic had cheated and that viewers would find out soon enough.

“Hey Nic are you listening to this? Don’t you ever, ever reflect my brother as a little liar,” she said.

“Don’t you ever make my family look like little liars because we all know, and the people, all of the contestants know who the real liar is.

“Now I told you once and I’m going to tell you again, if you thought I was the worst wife, you don’t want me as your worst enemy. Everything will come out and everything is going to show,” she continued.


Cyrell then seemed to hint that Jessika is the one who Nic cheats with by brining up Jess’ onscreen husband Mick.

“When the moment comes, and that time will come…I will prove that you’ve been cheating. I will prove that you’re a little liar. And while we’re at it, maybe we should throw Mick in this conversation. Let’s see how Mick feels about you. How about that?”

Holy freaking moly! Sh*t has well and truly hit the fan between Nic and Cyrell… and that’s an understatement!

Hear Nic, Cyrell and Ivan’s full interview with Kyle and Jackie O here!

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