People have been called Sam and Ines from this season of Married At First Sight ‘Dean and Davina 2.0’ after the pair began a secret romance behind their partner’s backs.

But according to Davina, her and Dean were NOTHING like Sam and Ines, and in actual fact her “affair” with Dean was exaggerated massively on screen.

While we’ve already seen Sam and Ines making out, getting touchy feely and even sleeping in the same bed together, Davina revealed that her relationship with Dean was no where near this level and the fact that producers sold it as an “affair” was so shocking to her.

“You kind of put a lot of trust in the producers and stuff at Channel Nine as well and then you see what gets aired and you’re like, ’Sh*t. Okay’,” Davina told us.

“It’s really hard to know who to talk to and who to trust.”

Davina then explained that even though her relationship with Dean was sold as a cheating scandal, she never so much as kissed the guy.

“It’s so funny because they’re like, ‘They had an affair’, but Dean and I never kissed,” Davina revealed. “It’s really funny, the word ‘affair’ gets thrown around very loosely.


“Our affair was the extent of going to an empty restaurant when there was no one there and 50 cameras and having a secret affair that technically isn’t very secret,” she added.

Davina also revealed that both her and Ryan wanted to leave the show before anything actually happened with Dean, but the producers were desperate to make them stay so as not to disrupt their storyline.

“Ryan and I even told our producer, spoke to the big head at the show, and said that we didn’t want to go on,” she told us.

“And they were like, ‘Well you guys are too good for the show’, so they said to Dean and I that we could come back as a couple because they didn’t want to lose us. So it was all very manipulative.”

“So you weren’t away that they were going to be making out like it was an affair? You thought it was more of an above board thing? Like an agreed to thing?” asked Jackie.

“We had full permission to come back as a couple,” Davina said.


The former MAFS contestant also went into depth with other types of manipulation that she experienced from the producers on the show.

Davina revealed that not only did they film her walking down the aisle three times and cut and paste her pieces to camera to sound more harsh than they really were, but also that an argument that she had with Tracey appeared to be fabricated for the cameras.

“And Tracey and I were texting ad stuff through the whole thing,” Davina said. “Thats why at one of the dinner parties I went full bitch because it baffled me that her and I could chat and bitch about whatever and then she could come at me at the dinner party in front of the cameras.

“So it’s all very weird. It’s just a weird thing.”

Looks like a lot more goes on behind the scenes of this show than we ever realised.

Hear Davina’s full interview with Kyle and Jackie O in the video below.