While we wish we were about to head off on the perfect holiday, we’ve just heard word of something happening that’s basically JUST as good!

Hamish and Andy are heading off on a holiday together again and it’s all being filmed for our own enjoyment!

Following in the successful footsteps of their infamous gap year seasons and caravan special, the boys are teaming up for a travelling show once again, only this time with a slight twist.

It’s set to appear on our screens on Channel Nine sometime this year and will be titled Hamish and Andy’s “Perfect’ Holiday’.

Speaking with Kyle and Jackie O this morning, Hamish Blake revealed exactly what we can expect from the new program. And in true Hamish and Andy style, it sounds like it’s going to be a barrel of laughs!


“Are you guys going to do much together after this? Any plans?” Jackie asked Hamish about the infamous duo.

“Yeah we’re going to travel again this year,” Hamish revealed. “We haven’t done this for a lot of years!”

“Are you going to film it?” Kyle asked.

“We will film it! Ando and I have travelled together off camera since we last did like a Gap Year,” Hamish explained.

“Hamish and Andy’s Perfect Holiday, which will be out later in the year because we’re going in about a month.”

But this isn’t going to be your typical travel show like Travel Guides or Getaway that gives viewers a glimpse at various locations around the world. This one has a hilarious twist.


“It’ll still be us making each other eat weird things, pushing each other into swamps and stuff, but the format is like, we know the route we’re travelling but every alternating day I’ll plan a day for Andy and then the next day he plans the day.

“We plan the itinerary for the team. So I know what half the trip is…and then he knows the other half of the trip. so every alternating day it’s someone’s turn to figure out the schedule.”

And in true Hamish and Andy fashion, a lot of that “planning” basically means stitching each other up with weird and whacky activities.

Although there will apparently also be some genuine travel tips mixed in.

“Having said that, it’s not all stitch ups. There’s some genuine, great adventures that I think I’ve got us organised to go on, but it will be a lot of fun,” Hamish told us.

The boys will be heading on a trip around America in the coming months! No word yet on when it will air on on TV screens but you can bet we’ll be tuning in when it does!

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