Plastic surgery and other types of cosmetic enhancements are quite common procedures these days. Just look at the cast of MAFS and how plump their lips are…

But we never knew that our very own Jackie has actually thought about getting some work done!

Jackie revealed the bombshell news while speaking with famed plastic surgeon Dr Paul Nassif from the reality show Botched, saying that she once seriously considered getting a nose job.

In fact, she took it so seriously that she actually went and saw a doctor about the procedure.

But Jackie wasn’t looking for what you might consider a typical nose job. While many people go looking for a slimmer or more defined nose, Jackie revealed that she actually wanted to make her nose fatter.

“Now Jackie’s got a beautiful nose here, but you’ve even thought about getting a nose job before, right Jacks? Which is crazy,” Kyle revealed to Dr Nassif.

“Okay so Paul I think my nose is too skinny, and people probably pay you to make it thinner and I went nah can you actually fatten my nose out,” Jackie revealed.

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“And apparently it wasn’t a good idea and they said, ‘Your nose is fine’, and they didn’t recommend I do anything.

“But can you make a nose fatter?” Jackie asked.

Dr Nassif told Jackie that while it may not have seemed like a very common thing, it’s actually something that he does a lot.

“Well you know, I do that a lot, especially with these revision rhinoplasties we’ll have to add rib cartilage and I do that on the show quite a bit,” Paul revealed.


“So for example, if your nose you’re saying is too skinny, then in that situation we will add cartilage in certain areas to make it look more natural.

“I’m sure your nose is perfect and I’m sure it’s fine but we do do that.”

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But before anyone starts any gossip, let us just say that Jackie chose not to go down the plastic surgery route and has no plans to do so in the future! And if you ask us, she definitely doesn’t need it! She’s such a natural stunner!

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