Lauren from Married at first sight 2019 drops BOMBSHELLS about the producers and what goes on behind the scenes of the show in a tell all interview with kyle and jackie o. 

This week on Married At First Sight we said goodbye to our first couple who have chosen to leave the experiment early, Lauren and Matthew.

The show had us believe that Lauren and Matt were the perfect couple who got along like a house on fire from the get go. And they had us believe that they were one of few that could really last the distance.

While Matt’s storyline advertised to the entire nation that he was the socially awkward 29-year-old virgin who was looking for his soul mate, we saw moments that showed Lauren help Matt blossom into a slightly more confident individual, as he lost his virginity during their honeymoon and appeared to become more comfortable with intimacy. 

From watching the episodes, we came to believe that everything was travelling perfectly smoothly until Lauren threw a spanner in the works and admitted to Matt that she had some pretty surprising sexual desires, such as domination, threesomes and swinging. Lauren also admitted to Matt that she used to be a Lesbian.


But during a tell-all interview on the Kyle and Jackie O Show this morning we learned that this was FAR from the case and that these apparent revelations were either manipulated through editing or were things she was FORCED to say by producers. 

“At the moment the public have only seen Matt’s side of the story. I feel like I deserve to say my side,” Lauren told us. “I definitely looked like the bad guy in this relationship. I just want to clear all of this.”

Lauren then detailed the moments that she thought misrepresented her on the show. For starters, she explained that she never used the word “lesbian” to describe her previous sexual experiences. Producers forced her to say this. 

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“Producers will go to extreme lengths to tell a story and they will edit you, manipulate you in any way that they can to tell that story,” Lauren revealed. 

“With the lesbian thing, I’m just going to clarify that,” she continued. “So initially my answer was, when I was about 18 to 20 I had a bad experience with a guy and I just hated men as a result. And so I dated only women. 


“That’s what I said. That was it.

“My producer was like, ‘Fantastic. Great. However, we’re going to get you to reenact that, say it again but use the word lesbian’. I was like, ‘I am not okay with that. I do not want to use that word. I do not label myself as a lesbian’. It didn’t feel right. 

“When you’re sleep deprived, you’re under all this pressure, you’ve got two cameramen there, your producer…so It was like all of these men against me and I was just like, ‘Okay, you know what, at the end of the day, if that’s what’s going to get this scene over with, then I’ll say it’.”

Lauren continued to say that she really regrets giving in in the end because she has received so much hate and backlash online since the incident. But she didn’t feel like she had much of a choice in the matter at the time.

“They will literally say to you, we will keep you here all day until you say what we want you to say,” Lauren revealed. 

Lauren also told us exclusively that the producers used manipulation and clever editing to make it seem like she was asking Matthew for things like threesomes and swinging when she never did. 


“The actual conversation was about a half an hour so the public have seen about a 10 second snippet of what actually happened,” Lauren told us. 

“So I was talking to Matt about some of my friends who are married and are into swinging…Everyone in relationships has different desires and needs…but it’s not for me.

“I was never, ever proposing to Matt that we swing or have threesomes. 

“I was essentially trying to say this is what some couples do on the scale of things to put into perspective, all I asked from him was to be more dominant and show me more affection and that that wasn’t asking for too much,” Lauren continued. 

“I completely understand how it’s been taken out of context and people have misunderstood what I’ve said. But you guys have to understand I was getting frustrated at this point and I was almost testing him in a way. 

“In hindsight I know that’s not okay and I regret obviously saying that,” she concluded. 


Of course we can see from Lauren’s admissions that when it comes to reality television, what we’re seeing is not always the complete truth or reality of a situation and there’s always a second side to every story.

It’s not all that surprising, seeing as reality TV is designed to be shown in a way that will be entertaining for an audience. But it definitely brings to mind a great deal of ethical questions – especially when you hear just how severely this experience has affected Lauren.

Lauren went on to reveal a lot more details about her marriage to Matthew, her time on the show and the struggle she has had since filming ended. 

Hear her side of the story and full interview in the videos above and below. 

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