Married At First Sight certainly has received a cult-like following but can people really be bothered to make fan pages on social media for the contestants? Especially for a contestant that not a lot of people have been loving?

These were the questions on everyone’s lips yesterday after people started questioning a fan account that had popped up on Instagram for Mike.

Since his honeymoon with onscreen wife Heidi, that saw him have a tantrum because she was apparently rambling too much when trying to tell him about her troubled upbringing, Mike hasn’t been many people’s favourite MAFS star from the season.

And so people started to look deeper into the account @team_mike_mafs on Instagram and they actually compiled a whole heap of evidence to prove that he might have just made the page himself.

See all of the evidence here.

Speaking with the Kyle and Jackie O Show this morning however, Mike was quick to defend himself, and denied that he had anything to do with the social media account.


“Are you responsible for setting up that page?” Jackie asked.

“Its’s pandemonium. Look, no it’s not my page. It’s a friend of mine who is I guess a bit offended by the trolling and thought she’d throw a bit of support my way,” Mike explained.

“Who was I to discourage bit of support.”

Beau Ryan, who was filling in for Kyle while he was off sick, then asked if Mike was at all involved in the posts that get put up, seeing as they’re quite detailed.

“No I wasn’t, I had nothing to do with it,” Mike continued. “But suddenly I was sent a link and look she’d obviously put in enough effort to go and set this thing up and I felt compelled to follow it and see what people said.”

But it turns out that people weren’t really keen to jump on the ‘We Love Mike’ bandwagon and the page actually received a whole heap of trolling.


Mike told us that as a result he asked his friend to shut it down.

“Of course it ended up being a cesspool of trolling negativity but that’s the internet in general,” he said. “I asked her to shut it down. It didn’t feel right in the end and she was getting a lot of flak and I didn’t want her to go through that.”

So bad news if you were actually following the page because you were a mega fine of Mike’s…

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