Here on the Kyle and Jackie O Show we LOVE love! So of course we jump at any opportunity to be able to help our beautiful listeners celebrate it.

When we received this beautiful video message from listener Owen about his wife Tanya and their love story, we just knew we had to step in and help out!

Owen and Tanya Harte have been married for nearly two-years now, ever since Tanya actually proposed to Owen during a leap year, but sadly they never had the opportunity to go on their honeymoon.

In fact, during the time that they have been married they’ve barely spent any time together!

You see, Owen works in the military as a cargo specialist for the Navy and due to his constantly changing work conditions, him and Tanya haven’t actually lived together for over a year and a half now.

Last year, Owen was transferred to live in Townsville and was recently deployed for six months. He is due to head back home in August and Owen told us that he wanted nothing more than to spend a bit of alone time with his wife having never really gotten the opportunity to celebrate their love in the past.

“I know this is a long shot but if anyone can pull this off it’s you guys,” Owen told us in his video message.


“Because I’m in the military, I got deployed early and our Honeymoon has to be cancelled. With bills, kids and everything else, it just hasn’t been possible for us.”

“We haven’t lived together for a year and a half, so spending some quality time together when I’m back in August is just what we need,” he continued.

“Kyle and Jackie, can you help give me and Tanya our dream Honeymoon?”

Well you asked Owen, and we delivered!

This morning we brought Tanya and her young son in studio thinking that they had been chosen for a behind-the-scenes experience and to watch the Kyle and Jackie O show live!

But little did she know, that we had SO much more in store!


At one point during the show, Jackie invited unsuspecting Tanya into the studio.

“Hey Tanya, we’ve brought you in because we have a little surprise for you actually,” Jackie said. “We’ve got a message from your husband who’s in the Army. We know you never get to see him.”

As soon as Jackie mentioned Owen, Tanya began to well up with tears and as the message from her husband began to play in front of her, they began to overflow.

You can watch this video message above!

“We have been able to grant your husband’s wish and we want to send you guys on the Honeymoon you never had,” Jackie told Tanya.

She was completely over the moon, telling us that not only have they not had their honeymoon, but her and her husband have never actually had the opportunity to go on any holiday together.


But now, they’ll be able to jet off to ANYWHERE their heart desires!

Tanya was so thankful, especially for her beautiful husband, who’s trying to spoil her even from miles away!

“He’s one of a kind that one!” she said.

A Massive thanks to Bazzi for helping Tanya and Owen get to their paradise! His new single Paradise is out now!

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