Were you surprised when Koby Abberton was sensationally caught cheating in Wednesday night’s episode of SAS Australia? He was absolutely flying through one of the challenges, although it turned out that he had a pretty solid leg-up.

The Bra Boy was caught out by DS Ant Middleton skimping on the number of push-ups during an assault challenge. The 42-year-old was pulled aside by Ant and his fellow DS’s and confronted with evidence of his cheating, with Ant posing him the question: “Do you think we’re c###s?”

The scandal has left fans of the show shocked, mainly because it looked like Koby was very much capable of doing the challenge without cheating.

But for last year’s winner Merrick Watts, Koby’s cheating scandal wasn’t the only surprise to come out of the new season of SAS Australia so far.

Speaking on the SAS Australia Debrief podcast, Merrick revealed which of the other contestants surprised him by their lack of fitness.

“I’m not bagging out people necessarily going ‘oh it was tougher in our season’. But I was surprised by generally the group fitness I thought was a little bit soft, to be honest,” Merrick told fellow winner Sabrina Frederick.

Take a listen to which of the contestants surprised Merrick for the wrong reasons here:


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