If you’ve been watching the Real Housewives of Sydney, you’ll know that one of the main storylines is the fact that Lisa and David Oldfield’s relationship is on the rocks.

The couple have been struggling for quite a while, and the issues have been played out on screen.

Then, last night Lisa Oldfield posted a meme to instagram that read, ‘Divorce – to finally get rid of that a**hole.’ #byedave #byeFelicia’

Kicking this #motherfucker to the #kerb #byedave #byefelicia

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This morning, Kyle and Jackie O decided to go straight to the source, calling Lisa about the upload. She said,

‘You know what I discovered Jackie, and you’ll know this, if you put shit out there, you get free shit.’ ‘Like yesterday, I instagrammed about jerkey and I got free jerkey, so I figured if I put it out there that David and I are getting a divorce, I’d get a free divorce lawyer.’


‘He said to me, ‘what do you want for mother’s day?’ I said, ‘a divorce’ and he said, ‘I wasn’t going to spend that much.’

When pressed about whether she was serious or not, Jackie asked her what happened in the lead up to her putting up the post.

‘Oh you know, probably the second bottle of Bollinger.’


‘But was it a joke?’ Jackie asked.

‘Oh, it wasn’t a joke at the time, he said he’d fight for custody of the kids and you know, I knocked him out in one punch.’

‘Look, I hate the idea of splitting up my appliances, so we’ll probably keep it going.’

It seems, for now at least, it’s pistols down at the Oldfield house.

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