Every year on Married At First Sight, there’s at least one person who ends up playing the role of the villain.

While it was tough to pick just one from last season, considering all of the cheating and wine throwing that took place, it seems that there will be one clear cut winner in the villain category this time around.

MAFS couple Ivan and Aleks, who we saw get married during last night’s episode, joined Kyle and Jackie O in studio when they dished on the show’s upcoming drama.

While we still have a few episodes to go until we see all of our couples get together, it seems that the first dinner party will see some tensions between one person and the other couples.

“Heading down the track, we’ve got a few weddings to get through and then the dinner party,” Jackie said this morning. “Who do you see as being the villain of the show?”


“Aleks, off you go,” Ivan said, allowing his on-screen wife to take the reign here.

And she took barely a second to come up with her answer, leading us to think that something definitely happens between her and the groom that she named.

“Michael Goonan,” Aleks claimed with just a hint of disgust in her tone. “He’s getting married tomorrow.”

“What’s his situation?” Jackie asked.


“What’s his situation? Oh god,” Aleks spat out. “He’s the English fella who marries the blonde.”

By that description, we can guess that Michael must be marrying Stacey, who we met at the hens night.


“There was a suggestion that I had a bit of a tiff with him at the bucks do,” Ivan continued to explain.

“We had differences of opinion but it was certainly not a fight. He was going, ‘Oh are you going to snog your mrs?’. I can’t even remember the words,” Ivan continued.

“And you thought that was disrespectful,” Kyle added.


While we didn’t get more details than that, we could definitely tell by the tone used to describe Michael that these two certainly don’t get along with him.

And you know what that means… DRAAAAMMMAAAA!

Of course this is just their opinion seeing as we don’t actually know what happens, and if we asked Michael he would probably say that Ivan and Aleks are the villains… We guess we’ll just have to keep watching and decide for ourselves!

Hear more from our chat with Ivan and Aleks in the podcast below!

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