Actress and same-sex marriage advocate Magda Szubanski joins Jodie and not quite Soda to talk about her new show Sisters and Same-Sex Marriage.

Jodie apologises to Magda on her co-host Soda not turning up to the interview because he had slept in and it seemed Magda was very offended…

“Just an unprofessional rude mole…I’m so hurt!

“Well whatevs we’re done! I’ve never met him but we’re over O V E R!!”

Magda stars in a new Aussie TV drama Sisters and she explains the story line is roughly based on a true story…

“He’s a pioneer of IVF played by Barry Otto, apparently it has happened in some place

“He decides to improve the quality of the human race with his own sperm and it’s just the fallout from it and I play a parent of one of the children so it’s great!”


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