Everyone’s favourite Elusive Chartreuse, Mariah Carey has used her powerful pipes to nail the latest viral sensation, the “Bottle Cap Challenge”… with her own unique spin.

While superstars like Jason Statham, Justin Bieber and John Mayor have successfully removed a bottle cap with their Mr Miyagi-esque round house kicks, Ms. Carey put her signature whistle tone to the test. Yes, you read that right! As If kicking the bottlecap off isn’t hard enough, Mariah managed to pop the bottle cap using her incredible whistle tone. Don’t believe us? Take a look below:

Racking up millions of views on her Instagram, Mimi has received praise from fellow artists. Australia’s own Ruby Rose commented, “This is what they call a win.” American Idol Winner Jordin Sparks said “This is why you’re the greatest!” & Carey’s ex-husband Nick Cannon wrote “Hilarious!!!!”.

Other stars have come out kicking, posting their own attempt at the “Bottle Cap Challenge” to their social media accounts:


It is safe to say she is a woman of many talents – Mariah Carey stole our hearts with her incredible multi-octave vocal range, diva stage presence and now we can add her whistle tone super power to the list!