Before we start: If you are Mrs Soda, stop reading now.

Father-of-three, Mark ‘Soda’ Soderstrom, was considering having a vasectomy until it led to a particularly awkward conversation with his wife.

Soda recounted the conversation with Mrs Soda to Jodie on Mix 102.3 on Wednesday morning.

He said he had told Mrs Soda he would consider the snip to eliminate the possibility of any more children but there was plenty of things to think about before he went through with it.

“I said to her ‘OK, what would happen if though… we split up’,” Soda said. “I would hate it to happen, it’s paradise, bliss, Heaven on Earth (being with her) but you never know down the track.

“What happens if, God forbid, she passed away and I remarried a young girl who was 30 and she hasn’t had kids and she goes ‘you know what new husband, I want some kids’.”

We can only imagine how Mrs Soda must have reacted to that but Soda was quick to clarify: “I love Mrs Soda more than anything on the planet, outside of the three angels (children).”


Soda, who will turn 49 this year, was quick to spurn Jodie’s encouragement to go ahead with the operation.

“Why do I need to mutilate my genitals,” he retorted. “I didn’t ask her to remove her womb.”

Ian from Elizabeth called Mix 102.3, and he was somewhat of an expert on the medical procedure, having had it done not once but twice.

“I had it done after I had three kids with my first wife then life changed and I had a reversal so my second wife wasn’t deprived of having her own children. We had the first one with IVF and then the second one came along so I had it done again,” Ian said.

The reversal option didn’t seem to encourage Soda particularly with him still saying he hadn’t been talked in to it, particularly when Ian admitted both the vasectomy and the reversal were painful.

You’d think after Mrs Soda had managed to give birth to their three beautiful children he might be willing to go through a little pain for their mutual benefit but hey, that’s just us.

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