What is the world coming to when you can’t talk to someone at Maccas?!

Mix102.3 breakfast host Mark Soderstrom took Mrs Soda and his three kids to McDonald’s on Mother’s Day (smooth move, Soda) but what he encountered made him concerned for society!

Soda – who is known for enjoying more than a word or two with strangers – went to approach the desk to order his Happy Meal but was redirected towards the screens.

All he wanted was some human interaction!

 “I’m looking at the screen and I’m looking at the girl standing on her own behind the counter and I thought couldn’t I just talk to her, would make my life easier,” he said.

WATch the video above as Soda laments the changing world where we don’t get a chance to talk to people any more.

“Instead of going around to see your friend, you send them a text or an email,” he said.


“Instead of bloody going into a shop and having a nice conversation with Joan behind the counter… we don’t talk to people.

“What’s going to happen in 10 or 15 years is there’s going to be no cash and we’re not going to talk to anyone hardly.”

Radio co-host Jodie’s comeback was swift… “And that will be devastating to you because we all know how much you love a chat to everyone, EVERYONE! I’m surprised the poor bloody machine didn’t cop a mouthful from you,” she said laughing.

“Is this happening everywhere?” Soda asked.

“Even this morning I went to get my petrol and it’s gone ‘pay by the app’.

“Some people just want to click and run, I want to go and say g’day to the bloke.


“Human interaction is a good thing.”

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