Soda’s SICK of dealing with scanners, touch-screens and machines. He wants face-to-face customer service back.

And on Wednesday morning, with the good people at OTR, he started doing something about it!

Watch the video above as Soda provides driveway service at OTR on Pultney St, including shouting free coffees and even some petrol.

This was all prompted by Soda’s Mother’s Day visit to McDonald’s when he was ushered away from the counter and towards the touch screens to place his order.

That was enough!

“Instead of bloody going into a shop and having a nice conversation with Joan behind the counter… we don’t talk to people any more,” Soda said.

“What’s going to happen in 10 or 15 years is there’s going to be no cash and we’re not going to talk to anyone hardly.


“Human interaction is a good thing.”

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