Mix102.3 breakfast host Mark Soderstrom has become worried for society.

He’s seen the rise of machines taking over from customer service and says it will mean no-one’s going to talk to anyone any more.

So he’s doing something about it!

Yesterday, Soda told the story of his Mother’s Day visit to McDonald’s when he was ushered towards a machine to order his Happy Meal instead of telling someone at the counter what he wanted.

The response he received from the FOTS on Facebook to his on-air rant was overwhelmingly supportive.

“Totally agree!!! Where has the service gone. Same thing happened to my husband and I, we just said no thanks we would like to order here and proceeded to the operator. I hate using the self serve too. I’m with you soda.” wrote Louise Linke.

“My husband loves going into McDonalds everyday for his coffee and chatting with his McCafe “girls”. It wasnt for this customer service relationship I know he would’ve gone somewhere else along time ago.” wrote Danielle Stewart.


So what can we do to stop this alarming trend?

Well, Soda’s making a start.

Tomorrow he will be providing customer service with a smile at a business in Adelaide from 8.30am.

“Good customer service is coming back to you Adelaide, I will be working at someone’s business at 8.30am tomorrow.”

WATCH the video above as Soda launches his new initiative to bring back more face-to-face interaction to Adelaide.

He’s promised to wear a hair net or a uniform… whatever it takes to bring the chat back!


If you have a business that could use Soda’s love of conversation, let us know on our Facebook page here.

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