Soda is due to take son Felix back to the doctors today for another attempt at giving the scared six-year-old a flu shot.

After one failed attempt at the doctors, it now seems like physically restraining him will be the only way he’ll actually get vaccinated.

Soda told the story on Mix102.3 this morning (co-hosted by Rosanna Mangiarelli filling in for Jodie) of Felix running out of the doctor’s surgery, through the waiting room, and out onto the road in an effort to avoid getting a needle.

Mrs Soda couldn’t change his mind but today it will be Soda’s turn.

What should he do? If you’ve been in this situation with a child of your own, let Soda know of any advice in the Jodie and Soda FOTS group on Facebook.

So far, it seems like most people think holding Felix down is OK in this situation but Soda’s mate John (‘Kernas’), who knows Felix, rang in with some concerns.

“I was listening to your story this morning about Felix and firstly, I don’t think it’s as easy as just holding Felix down. I think you’re trivialising the reaction you might get.


“We both know that he’s a lunatic and he could do anything.

“We’ve already seen what he did with the frog and this could set the scene for years and years of torture for other people.”

Soda quickly shut down any further talk of “the frog story” but did say he was scared that Felix “could quite easily grab the needle and jab the doctor”. 

“I’ve got to stand up to that little kid,” Soda said.

Eeek. Guess we’ll find out tomorrow who survives.

Watch the video above as Soda discusses son Felix’s extreme efforts to avoid a needle, and gets advice from the FOTS on what to do.

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