He’s been a brave firefighter and a rugged footballer but now Mark Kenneth Warren Soderstrom’s sex appeal is reaching new heights as a radio host.

Well, it appears that way after Soda was featured on a page of Take 5 Magazine, labelled ‘Who is Australia’s Hottest Radio Hunk?’

His Mix102.3 breakfast radio co-host Jodie Oddy took great delight in telling everyone on-air this morning that Soda had made the shortlist of the ‘hottest hunks’ on radio, and we all should get behind him.

“Congratulations, mate, you’ve done it, I’m so proud of you,” she said.

“This obviously has nothing to do with your ability on radio or that you rate really well, it’s purely looks based.”

Watch the video above as Jodie and Soda discuss the opposition to Soda in the ‘hottest hunks on radio’.

Soda was less keen on it all, wondering where the female equivalent was, although did admit he’d recently lost 10kgs!


“I’m not a piece of meat, I’m a human being with feelings and a heartbeat,” he said.

Later in the morning, when Jodie brought it up again, Soda launched a campaign for a radio rival!

“Nobody vote for me for please,” Soda said.

“What I want you to do is go to Take 5 and vote for (FiveAA’s) David Penberthy.

“Vote 1 Penbo. He’s your thinking man’s sex symbol.”

There’s actually no voting able to be done yet but the magazine are taking nominations.


All you have to do is send them an email at – take5@bauer-media.com.au – answering the question ‘Who is your host with the most and why?’ in 25 words or less and your contact details.

Five people who email will win $100 and the magazine will announce the ‘official’ nominees later in the year.

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