Jessika Power has given her strongest indication yet that she was forced to choose ‘stay’ on Married At First Sight to continue her affair with Dan Webb.

Speaking to Jodie and Soda on Mix 102.3 on Wednesday, Jessika detailed the depth of the remorse she feels over her time in the controversial TV show, including her decision to force husband Mick to remain part of the show when he desperately wanted to leave.


According to Jessika, Dan and her had decided they had a strong enough connection to continue their relationship away from the prying cameras but hinted it was the Married At First Sight producers who forced her to choose to stay on the show.

“Watching Monday night’s episode where I had dinner with my family and Mick says to me ‘why are we here for another week’ and I just come out with this very elaborate and forceful lie and I watch myself back and go ‘oh you little cow’,” Jessika said.

“The commitment ceremony on the Sunday when I made Mick stay ANOTHER week, I actually was sitting their cringing going ‘this is so horrible to watch’ because I was actually up that morning (of the commitment ceremony) shaking and crying (because) I didn’t want to be doing this (cheating on camera) anymore – neither did Dan – we had both said to each other ‘we could totally do this outside the experiment’.

“However, I guess, things had a way of how they wanted to be played out and unfortunately people got hurt in the end and we still to this day feel so remorseful about it.”


Jess and Dan remain a couple to this day, four months on from the completion of filming. The two were photographed together getting cosy on the beach last week.

Jess confirmed she’d recently moved to the Gold Coast to step up her relationship with Dan, which also was a homecoming for her with plenty of family living there.

She said she wishes she had started their life away from the cameras sooner.

“If I could take back a lot of what was said and a lot of what was done and just jumped out of the experiment and continued on in the outside world I’m sure Dan and I our feelings were enough for each other that we would have been about to do that without the hurt along the way,” she said openly.

“This week coming up, a few of the episodes I don’t even know if I want to tune in because I can just see the hurt in people’s face, and I hate that.

“I did that and I am now that person and I have never once been that person so it is hard to watch back.


“Dan and I would never be like this in the outside world.”

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Jessika went to great lengths to emphasise that the picture we got of her from Married At First Sight as “really dumb and bimbo-y” was not her at all.

“There’s so much more substance to us as people and they’re just not showing it,” she said.

I guess I look really dumb and bimbo-y, whereas I am actually really intelligent. I have my business diploma and have been in my profession for ten years.

“I have goals and ambitions. I’m not just this girl who wants a guy and wants to settle down and I’m chasing someone else’s husband but that’s what we get pigeon-holed as.”