Married At First Sight viewers have taken to social media to question Stacey Hampton after her appearance on the show.

Most are questioning whether the soon-to-be lawyer is actually lying about her age.

“I can’t believe these people want me to believe Stacey is 25,” one person said on Twitter.

Another chimed in and said “There is NO way Stacey is 25. Look at her neck and hands C’mon ppl we have all seen Younger”.

The questions came as Stacey opened up about her struggles of opening up and telling her husband Michael “When I was one, my father died, and then my brother took that role. He was very protective. He was like my dad, but also my best friend.”

“The day my son was due to be born, I got a phone call from my mum. He had a motorbike accident that day. He died.’

Stacey is a mother to two young sons, who are two and four years old.

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