Jock Zonfrillo knows about just how hard self-isolation is, right now he’s filming the new season of Masterchef in Melbourne, with his family back here in Adelaide.

Erin and Soda chatted to the new judge of Masterchef this morning, about how he’s coping with the distance and what tips he has for dealing with the isolation.

“It’s difficult, yeah. My wife obviously is now up in the hills…I’m in an apartment in Melbourne,” Jock told Erin and Soda.

“We’re just over halfway through filming. All of us on the crew are pretty thankful and lucky that we’re still working, we’re still able to work legally. We’re allowed to go from home to the studio and back again. Not allowed to go to the shops, not allowed to go for any messages, or whatever.”

Have a listen to the full chat with Jock here:

To add to the difficulty, Jock’s wife Lauren is pregnant back home.

“It’s stressful, I think for everybody. I’m sure we’re not the only people that are expecting and it’s tough and anxiety is difficult. But, look on the bright side, we’ve got Facetime and Skype and you know, it’s really good,” the chef behind Orana said of the pregnancy.


When it comes to passing time in isolation, it should be no surprise that his tips revolve around food.

“I started making sourdough bread…because it’s something that you have to check in on at several points throughout the day, every day. So it keeps you to kind of a schedule.”

“I’ll get up early in the morning and I’ll bake a fresh loaf of bread and there’s nothing better than the smell of that in the house first thing in the morning. And that’s actually helped me kind of, get my head around the difficulty at this time. All I’ve got is work and then I come home and spend my time alone, you know, it’s tough.”

Jock’s Go-To Self-Isolation Pasta Dish

And if you’re one of the many Australians who went out and panic-bought too much pasta, Jock also shared his go-to self-isolation pasta dish, and we love how easy it is.


“Look I stick to Cacio e Pepe. And all you need for Cacio e Pepe is salt, water, pasta and pecorino cheese. It’s super easy! It’s Cacio e Pepe, it’s a Roman pasta dish, it’s as old as any of us. And it’s something that will just make you smile. And you just need fresh cracked black pepper.”

The new season of Masterchef Australia: Back To Win kicks off Easter Monday on 10.