We know there’s no love lost between Meghan Markle and her half-brother Thomas Markle Jr. so it’s no surprise that he’s already starting drama and Big Brother VIP hasn’t even started yet!

Channel 7 dropped the first teaser trailer over the weekend and boasts ‘explosive’ drama, and yeah… it better be?! You have Caitlyn freakin’ Jenner in there!

The teaser shows Thomas Markle Jr. heading up the red carpet into the house claiming he’s ‘the biggest brother of them all being the brother to Meghan Markle and cue my vomiting.

Thomas claims he told Prince Harry that Meghan was going to ruin his life, “She’s very shallow.”

The man’s made his entire personality and career over trash-talking his half-sister that he barely knows and it’s the only reason he has any sort of notoriety, so naturally, he’ll be mentioning her… a lot.


I’m kinda disappointed that Big Brother VIP is even giving him the time of day, but here we are!

Fans in the comments seem to be very excited for the upcoming season, so we’re expecting a hit.

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