He’s widely-known as the villain and resident sh*t-stirrer on the show, but MAFS’ Michael Goonan was tight-lipped about one important detail when he spoke with Erin and Soda this morning.

We know that Michael is no longer with Stacey in real life (even though Stacey told Erin and Soda that she and Michael were definitely still together about a month ago).

But who is Michael shacking up with now? And most importantly, is she on MAFS?

“I get hit with that question all the time,” Goonan told Erin and Soda this morning.

Listen to the full chat with Michael here: 

“Look, let’s just say she’s absolutely gorgeous, I’ll give you that. There’s the clue, put it together, she’s absolutely gorgeous.”

We’re not too sure exactly what that clue means, but Michael seems to think that it’s enough to work out exactly what he means.


As for what he’s doing right now, Michael is back in Victoria, and lamenting all the nightclub appearances that he’s missing out on right now with the wide-sweeping forced shutdowns.

“Everything’s shut down now, so jump on your Instagram MAFS team and start selling your teeth whitening.”

We’re mourning your loss, Michael.