Trauma, where did it begin for you? (Don’t think too deeply on that…) For many, it began with the first whirl of the VHS Tape! Remember those?

Movies ARE our childhood. Think back to that fateful day you went from G to PG, M to MA, or R to well, the other one! Nostalgic right?

Soda remembered just how terrifying Gene Wilders “Willy Wonka” was, and how the Oompa Loompas were more like Oompa Nope-ahs! What were their bright orange faces and white eyebrows trying to accomplish? I tell you one thing; it certainly wasn’t winning a beach-body competition! – Although you’d be forgiven for thinking…

From ‘Labyrinth’ (the goblins…), ‘101 Dalmatians’ (Cruella be gone!), ‘My Girl’ (those damn bees…) and ‘The Never Ending Story’ (a vivid retelling of the tragedy as spoken by Erin below…)

Do these bring back any memories for you?

You can listen for the movies that scared all our child brains silly!

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