Some people love romance. Others prefer action. And some are obsessed with thrillers.

But a new genre that’s taking over the world of entertainment at the moment, that can often delve into every single one of these topics, is that of true crime.

It seems a bit odd really when you think about it. Don’t we binge shows, watch movies and listen to podcasts to escape the real world?

But the truth of the matter is that evil, something that often occurs in true crime stories, is something that fascinates us.

So you can understand then why so many documentaries and podcasts have been developed based around this genre, including one that we think would be perfect for you to binge during self-isolation, if true crime really is your thing.

This podcast is called Disgraceland, and it explores the alleged true crime antics and criminal connections of musicians.

Basically if you love true crime and you also love music, then this is DEFINITELY the podcast for you, as they delve into various artists like The Rolling Stones, Tupac, Biggie, Amy Winehouse, even Cardi B and more!


So why is this podcast so damn good?

Well for starters, it’s been created purely for the purposes of entertainment. While it’s based on true stories, this is by no means a news or journalistic podcast.

Instead, it’s a single voice narrative that melds music, true crime, history and transgressive fiction together, with some scenes fictionalised or dramatised to help tell the story.

Another thing that we love about the Disgraceland podcast is that it finds ways to connect to big moments in pop-culture at the moment.

For instance, have you already binged Tiger King on Netflix? Well, guess what? There’s a whole Disgraceland episode dedicated to Joe Exotic, the man serving a jail sentence for alleged attempted murder.

As you probably caught a glimpse of during Tiger King, Joe was actually a singer as well as a big cat fanatic and this episode of Disgraceland gives listeners a much more in-depth look at his music career.


Other episodes look at artists like Jay-Z, Guns N’ Roses, The Beach Boys, A$AP Rocky, Whitney Houston and many more!

Plus, it’s the perfect podcast if you’re in the mood to binge something because there’s So. Many. Episodes. just sitting there waiting for you to listen!

You can stream Disgraceland right now for free on iHeartRadio!