There’s no doubt that Big Little Lies is an INTENSE show that deals with some pretty tough storylines, but according to star of the show Nicole Kidman, we ain’t seen nothing yet!

Nicole Kidman, who portrays Celeste Wright in the hit series, joined Kyle and Jackie O to chat all about season 2 and the finale episode that will air on Monday.

This is when Nicole revealed that something pretty shocking will take place and by the sounds of things it will have to do with Alexander Skarsgard’s character Perry Wright.

BLL fans would know that in season one, Perry was very abusive of Celeste, and in the end he was accidentally killed at a school function when the Monterey Five finally witnessed his aggression.

Season two has dealt with the aftermath of this event, and even introduced Meryl Streep as Perry’s heartbroken mother.

This morning Kyle brought up the fact that Aleksander Skarsgard found it incredibly difficult to film those violent scenes with Nicole. And this is when she revealed that something much more difficult would air in the finale episode.


“He was tormented doing that,” Kyle told Nicole.

“Well there’s um, there’s something coming up in this episode tonight that was really hard for all of us,” Nicole revealed.

“It’s something that, I’ll come on the show again so we can discuss but yeah it’s pretty heavy.”

Well you’ve certainly peaked our interest Nicole!


The final episode of season 2 goes down at 11AM today (Monday) on Foxtel here in Australia and no doubt it’s going to be incredibly emotional!

We also spoke to Nicole about the possibility of a third season for Big Little Lies! She told us that its certainly something that the cast are keen to do.

“We would love to do a three,” Nicole said. “We’re all very close… We’re just deeply intertwined so the idea of having to walk away from it is really upsetting for us.”

“But we need the story,” she continued. “We would have to really see if we could come up with great story lines and there’s some strong ideas but we’ve just been trying to get this through to the finish line.”

Check out our full chat with Nicole Kidman in the video above!