If the Christmas break already feels like an eternity ago, we’ve found a little nugget in the 2019 calendar that might perk you back up a bit.

In April, there’s a ten-day period where most of Australia will only be required at work for three days.

It’s because this year, Easter falls in the same week as Anzac Day. Last year they were almost a month apart.

We’ll have Easter, with those four precious days off, then work on Tuesday and Wednesday, before having Anzac Day off on the Thursday. Some of us will go back to work on the Friday and then of course the weekend kicks in.

It’s a great chance to take just three annual leave days (or maybe, sick days?!) and get a ten-day break.




Friday 19 April – Good Friday
Saturday 20 April – Easter Saturday
Sunday 21 April – Easter Sunday
Monday 22 April – Easter Monday
Tuesday 23 April – work day
Wednesday 24 April – work day
Thursday 25 April – Anzac Day
Friday 26 April – work day
Saturday 27 April – normal weekend
Sunday 28 April – normal weekend 

Enjoy it though, most states around Australia only have another two public holidays after that before Christmas. 

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