This morning, rumours circulated that our very own ‘Real Housewives of Sydney’ was considered “too mean” for US television.

Kyle and Jackie O decided to go straight to the source to find out what happened; calling Foxtel CEO Brian Walsh to get answers.

Walsh revealed that he had met with the heads of TV network Bravo in New York recently and was told that the show, which has been labelled one of the ‘meanest’ and ‘most intense’ in the Real Housewives franchise globally, wouldn’t make it to US screens. They felt it was ’too nasty’ and the humour was too ‘left field.’

Of course, this means a huge financial loss for Foxtel.

Kyle and Jackie O then asked Walsh if there would be changes made to the cast following the wrap up of season one, as there are with the other Real Housewives series.

‘Is this going to change your view on who should remain for season two and who should go? 

‘Because the word we had heard is that you were going to be getting rid of the ones who weren’t really doing much on the show and keeping the ‘Lisa Oldfields’ and the ‘Athena Xs, who are causing all the drama’.


‘So Jackie after each instalment of Housewives goes to air, we do a lot of audience research to see which of the women resonated best with audiences, and which ones don’t.’

He then explained that with the Melbourne franchise, changes have been made after every season in the past, as well as overseas in the US.

‘So it wouldn’t be a surprise for us to make changes to the Sydney housewives cast, too.

’Though we haven’t have that discussion as yet, and we certainly haven’t made any decisions.’

Jackie then asked how Lisa Oldfield rated with audiences and Walsh confirmed that she had indeed, resonated well in their research – and Lisa called through!

Kyle explained that the reason Foxtel couldn’t get the show on televisions in the U.S. is because the girls were too full on.


Lisa then revealed there were a few beautiful moments between the housewives that ‘would have been nice’ to see on screens, referring to the fact that a lot of those ‘nicer’ moments were left on the cutting room floor.

Brian then took the opportunity to thank Lisa for her contribution to the show and revealed he would take on her advice about more of those moments making it to air.

Let’s see what – and who – season two brings!

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