So far there’s just rumours that the Bondi Vet, Dr Chris Brown and fellow Channel Ten presenter Liv Phyland are a hot new item, but there’s already reports that they’re thinking about that next step.

Following the news that Dr Chris had broken up with his girlfriend-of-two-years Kendall Bora in September it was reported that he had already moved on and was in a relationship with Phyland.

And now, a source close to the alleged couple has told Woman’s Day that the 40-year-old Bondi Vet is already thinking about proposing!


Reports Dr Chris Brown is thinking about proposing to channel ten presenter liv phyland

“They really are a perfect match. You couldn’t find two people more perfect for each other. Everyone is so thrilled Chris has finally found the one,” the source said.

“He’s such a great bloke and he and Liv deserve all the happiness in the world. “It wouldn’t surprise anyone if an engagement announcement is forthcoming.”

The rumours of a relationship between the two TV personalities first arose when they were spotted together in Wyong on the Central Coast, with a source saying it seemed like they on a trip together.

“They left together in a white Range Rover, he was driving and she was in the passenger seat,” a source said to Adelaide Now.


“The boot was packed with surfing gear that looked like they were headed off for a weekend away.”

Liv is currently the co-host of music show The Loop with Scott Tweedie on Channel 10’s secondary channel Peach.

However, back in July, she made an appearance on The Living Room for a segment with Chris, which emphasised their notable chemistry.

Liv and Chris are said to have known each other for several years now and currently run in the same friendship circles.