Look, we aren’t all perfect. We’ve picked a flower or two out of someone’s garden, we’ve picked a low hanging fruit off the side walk (both literally and… Well… the Ex’ explains it.)

It is with the invention of home security cameras (and possibly a little foresight for those that give themselves away) the game has changed. You can’t just, as they say “wander off into someone else’s garden to steal their newspaper!” … Or can you?

Rosanna Mangiarelli from Channel 7 shared this video with Erin and Soda…

This bloke! 

He didn’t even try to hide it? Rosanna shares her hilarious story about the “Mystery Newspaper Pincher!” but there’s a catch! Someone stealing her newspaper is one thing… But what do you make of a mysterious ham sandwich that appeared in Rosanna’s own backyard!?

You can listen to the answers you’re looking for here…


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