It’s Showdown 46 on Saturday night and Jodie and Soda’s producer Thom Lion aka Aquaman has paid tribute to both teams in song form.

Set to the tune of Europe’s “The Final Countdown”, the song also features Jodie and Soda…. AND the Power’s Travis Boak and the Crows’ Tom Lynch.

You need to see their cameos! Watch the video above.

‘The Fricken Showdown’ Lyrics

Port have Powell Pepper
Man that kid’s loose as hell
Boaky has bounced back
“My underwear line’s doing well”
I guess it’s a pretty big game
We’ll bring them down
#WeCryAsOne again

It’s the Frickin’ Showdown!

The Crows feel like Jesus
We rose from our fall
Tom Lynch is set to erupt
“They call me the red fireball”
We’ll scare Port with our arsenal
Your shorts will turn brown
I’m looking forward to Bruce’s call


It’s the Frickin’ Showdown!

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