Mark ‘Soda’ Soderstrom has set a new Guinness World Record by riding a ferris wheel for 52 hours without sleeping.

Soda stepped off the ferris wheel at the Garden of Unearthly Delights in Adelaide at 11:23am on Friday, having got on at 7:17am on Wednesday. 

The first thing he did was hug his children, Felix, Sienna and Otis who were waiting for him just off the platform.

He was then assessed by first aid staff and got the all clear to go on and receive the well wishes of the large crowd that had gathered.

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Soda started the ferris wheel marathon alongside Mix102.3 breakfast radio co-host Jodie Oddy, with the duo aiming to become joint record holders but motion sickness took its toll and Jodie was forced to stop her


The inspiration for the marathon test of perseverance and willpower was to fulfil a dying wish of Kerry Briggs. Kerry passed away from breast cancer two years ago but left a lasting impact on not only her family and friends but Mix102.3 breakfast hosts Jodie and Soda.

Kerry identified the need for South Australia’s cancer patients and their families to have somewhere that would support them through the traumatic diagnosis and their on-going treatment.

The Flinders Foundation established a plan to deliver exactly that – a Cancer Wellness Centre at the Flinders Medical Centre. But it cost money they didn’t have. Enter Jodie and Soda who decided to help try to raise the final $200,000 and make ‘Kerry’s Final Wish’ a reality.

At 8.35am on Thursday morning, the last of the $200,000 was raised with a final donation from West End Community Fund of $40,000 to add to the $10,000 they’d already donated.


Jodie and Soda only started the fundraising process three weeks ago on 1 February but had some incredible support from South Australian businesses and the FOTS (friends of the show).

VIDEO: Watch the moment Jodie and Soda realised they had achieved their biggest rescue ever and fulfilled Kerry’s Final Wish.

Following the target being reached, there were tears from Jodie and Kerry’s husband David as the realisation set in that Kerry’s final wish, a Cancer Wellness Centre would really happen. 

Next, there was only one thing left to do and that was for Soda to push on through the final three hours of his marathon stint on the ferris wheel and break that record.

The record he has broken is the ‘Longest Marathon On A Fairground/Theme Park Attraction’, previously held by Sami Vironen in Finland, who rode a ‘Waltzer’ ride for 51 hours last year but the record was only made official last week.

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