Soda’s Guinness World Record has been broken!

Just four months after riding an 80-year-old Ferris Wheel at the Garden Of Unearthly Delights for 52 hours (and three minutes) without sleeping, Mark Soderstrom’s time on top of the world has come to a crashing halt.

Jake Navarro, aka Paco, from Florida in America has just ridden a (far more luxurious) ferris wheel for 53 hours to knock Soda out of the Guinness Book of Records.

Watch the video above as Paco chats to Jodie and Soda on Mix102.3 breakfast show on Monday morning to trade barbs compliments over their achievements.


Jodie was quick to point on the difference in their rides.

“I have to say that I did see the amusement ride you were on and it was significantly more luxurious than the one Soda was on. Ours was 70 years old,” Jodie said.

Paco admitted he was “riding in style” and Soda could probably do 60 hours if he was in the Skywheel that Paco was riding.

“Paco, did you set a world record or just go on the world’s longest holiday retreat?!” Soda replied.

Paco: “I’m sorry I took this away from you but I did so there’s that.” #sorrynotsorry

It means all those t-shirts we got made saying ‘Soda Is A World Record Holder’ are no longer valid.


“I’m going to write ‘for four months’ in texta underneath ‘Soda Is A World Record Holder’,” Jodie said (enjoying herself)!

Soda’s comeback was swift: “Well the back of my t-shirt says ‘And Jodie Only Lasted Six Hours!”

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