Soda slept in so Producer Wang Wang was sent to the Soderstrom Compound to wake him up and get him in for the show… 

It seems Soda had woken up rushed into his Holden V8 and when reversing out his driveway was caught by surprise! 

“I forgot to change my clock for Daylight Savings…Mr Soda woke me up and said what time are you meant to be on air and I said 6am and she replied it’s 6:13am,” Soda explained.

“Then I’m just backing out the driveway and I could see this crazy blonde woman I realised it was Wang Wang jumping up behind the car she nearly ended up underneath the V8 I just didn’t know what was going on.

“I tell you what it’s pretty nice in the morning when you’re leaving your house at daylight, I forgot what it looked like out here.” 

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