It was the most asked question of the entire 52 hour ferris wheel marathon and this morning Soda answered it.

And he probably gave more detail than we really needed!

Soda smashed a World Record for longest time spent on a fairground ride without sleeping. He managed 52 hours, finishing just after 11am on Friday, having got on about 7am on Wednesday.

But how on earth do you go to the toilet if you are on a ferris wheel for more than two whole days?

Well the simple answer is that Soda was allowed a 5min break off the wheel for every full hour he completed on the wheel.

So obviously those 5min breaks were meant to be his opportunity to use the toilet BUT given he had to be off the wheel for 30mins to read the news for Channel 7, he had to go far longer on the wheel without taking wee breaks.

So, yep, you guessed it.


He peed into Coke bottles. And we have dropped the video evidence into the video above.

“When you’ve gotta go you’ve gotta go, I don’t want to waste valuable (break) time going to the toilet,” he said from the wheel.

Then this morning he recapped in more detail.

“I had some little bottles and I filled them up whenever I needed to do a wee,” he said.

“Then when the wheel would come to the bottom I tipped all the wee out and after two days I noticed I’d burnt all the grass in the two spots I was tipping the wee out.”

At least he got off the wheel for No.2s.

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