We are in a giveaway mood this week. Yesterday Kylie from Munno Para was the lucky winner of the Ultimate Stay-At-Home Coronavirus Pandemic Survival Kit. Tomorrow, somebody is going to be given the chance to Live Mortgage Free For A Year.

But today was all about the Secret Sound.

More specifically, today was all about Rachael from Prospect correctly identifying that the Secret Sound was somebody ripping a drumstick off of a roast chicken.

And what a deserving winner, Rachael works as a nurse at the RAH and wanted to used her time on air this morning to give a shoutout to her colleagues whom she called “inspirational”

She plans on helping out her neighbour, her mum and some of her friends at work with the extra cash.

We reckon you’re the one who’s inspirational, Rach!

Listen in to the moment Rachael found out that she won here:



But if you’re still scratching your head and thinking ‘how did Rachael get that answer from those clues,’ here’s some of the logic behind them:

1. This item was not panic-bought during the current coronavirus pandemic
While we might have seen RAW chicken and toilet paper flying off the shelves, stocks of roast chickens have remained plentiful.

2. You can buy it at specialty shops and most supermarkets
Specialty shops meaning your local chicken shop.

3. Most families would have had one in their home this year
The roast chicken dinner is a pretty common staple.

4. A long-time family favourite
Unless you believe your parents, who would tell you that chicken was only ever enjoyed at Christmas and on special occasions, and even then “we had to trudge through four miles of snow to get to the chicken seller.”


5. You could buy this with a twenty dollar note
A roast chicken still costs less than a twenty.

6. INXS (But nothing to do with ‘Need You Tonight’)
As in “Never Tear Us Apart”…which is what you would do with a drumstick from the chook.

7. Mad Max
Features a coupe car, you find chickens in a coop. Coupe/Coop.

8. Keratin
Chicken feathers have a high level of keratin, who knew?

9. Ten dollars
You can still buy a roast chicken for ten bucks or less

10. You can eat it
That’s usually what you do with a roast chicken, right?

11. It is not in its natural state
We’ve never stumbled across a stuffed and roasted chicken in the wild

12. Four-poster
A four-poster bed is where you would find a quilt, which is often full of feathers…and chickens usually have feathers.

13. Musical instrument
The leg of a chicken is commonly referred to as a ‘drumstick’


14. Hot or cold
You can eat it hot or cold.

15. Erin would never, ever eat this
Erin’s a vegan, so she misses out, sorry Erin!

16. It’s the opposite of brave
The opposite of brave is chicken!