Channel 7’s ‘Sunday Night’ program has aired a segment that shocked Australia and left Mix102.3 breakfast hosts Jodie and Soda not only devastated but also urging parents to show it to their children.

Shania McNeill was 21 and had her life ahead of her before she made a series of decisions that had catastrophic consequences.

Her friends – Hazel Wildman and Faeda Hunter – deal with the impact of the last night they spent with Shania every day.

They were filming for the social media app Snapchat from their passenger seats as Shania chose to play ‘chicken’ in the car with oncoming traffic.

She had been drinking alcohol, taken MDMA, and had cannabis in her system.

Shania lost her game of chicken when she collided with a car coming the other way, with band mates Ken Morrow and Dennis Sales in it.


Ken’s wrist was shattered while Dennis was induced into a coma for two days after he broke his back, shoulder, six ribs, ruptured his spleen, punctured a lung and his heart shifted.

Shania lost her life.

Shania’s friends – who opened up to Sunday Night in an interview that they were reportedly paid by the program to do – caused international outrage when they continued to use social media, posting a selfie from their hospital beds.

Jodie and Soda said the girls should donate the money they received to the two guys in the unsuspecting other car who suffered significant injuries.

Listen to Jodie and Soda’s reaction to the horrific story in the audio below.

Watch the Sunday Night segment and get the full story on the 7news website here.

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