The intruders are in and Adelaide’s Seb Guilhaus was matched up with seasoned MAFS veteran Lizzie.

Erin and Soda spoke with Seb this morning about the pairing, and whether he might have a contingency plan should he and Liz not quite work out.

“I loved it, the experiment as a whole was amazing, I mean being with…I won’t say too much but, yeah,” Seb told Erin and Soda.

Listen to the whole chat with Seb here: 

“I’m very, very happy being paired with Liz.”

When asked about what made him say the words love and you (admittedly tempered with the word could), Seb seems to have surprised himself.

“That was a little bit intense, wasn’t it? But, you know, she’s fiercely loyal, she’s got such a straight, sweet base and all those sort of traits that I can see growing from.”


Although, if the marriage doesn’t work out, Soda had an idea that could give Seb a chance to swap up partners with other contestants. Soda pitched Seb a new TV show called Keys in the bowl, which…is exactly what it sounds like. Seb was not impressed.

“Soda, that is the last thing I would do and you know that!”

“All I can comment on is my relationship, and I think they’ve done a really good job, because we’re both kooky sort of people and, I guess, we’ll have to sort of see. It hasn’t been the most ideal run for the rest of the contestants.”

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