Charlie was the latest person to be dumped from Ali Oetjen’s season of The Bachelorette last night but for all of those keeping up with the rumours surrounding the season it didn’t come as that much of a surprise.

And while yes, Charlie did appear to be a it of the ‘Stage Five Jarrod Woodgate-esque Clinger’ during his time on the show, we knew that things must not work out between him and Ali in the end after photos surfaced of him with another woman.

A few weeks ago, Charlie was spotted hanging out in Sydney and looking extremely cosy with a fellow Bachelor franchise alum, Dasha Gaivoronski from Nick Cummins season of the Bachelor.

Charlie Newling And Dasha Gaivoronski Open Up About Their Secret Relationship To Kyle And Jackie O

Ever since it has been rumoured that the pair have been dating following Charlie’s inevitable breakup with Ali.


After this pretty intense breakup occurred on The Bachelorette last night, after Charlie refused to introduce Ali to his family on his hometown visit, he came in studio to speak with Kyle and Jackie O.

And guess who else made a surprise appearance? The lovely Dasha! And so of course our attention quickly turned from Charlie’s time on the Bachelorette to his current relationship status with the gorgeous brunette.


“We’ve seen pictures of you over the recent weeks, you and Dasha from Honey Badger’s season, and you guys are together it looks like,” said Jackie. “Tell us about what happened there.”

“We were told if someone special comes along you know, we’re not going to stop you and Dasha’s someone special that came into my life that was there and supported me when I needed her, that understood the process so we could relate to each other,” explained Charlie.

Despite Charlie describing Dasha as someone “special”, when Dasha later joined him in the interview, the pair admitted that they aren’t technically in a relationship.

“So you guys are together? You’re a couple?” asked Jackie.

“No, we are not a couple,” explained Dasha. “We haven’t even had sex yet.”

“We haven’t put a label on it, you know what I mean? We’ve obviously clicked and became quite close friends through this,” added Charlie.


Instead Charlie and Dasha have just been hanging out and enjoying their time together for the past three weeks. And while they describe their relationship status currently as friends, Dasha went on to say that they had an instant connection and Charlie is someone she would say is her “soul mate”.

“We instantly clicked. It’s so rare these days when meet a person and you can be weird together and who can understand you even when you’re just staying mute,” she explained.

“Charlie seems like, kind of like my soul mate. Even though it’s only been three weeks and I know it sounds silly to say that but we are seriously such good friends.”

So why aren’t they a couple yet if they have such a good connection? The pair explained that having both been through a pretty stressful and emotional ordeal on The Bachelor and Bachelorette, they need time to wind down following their respective seasons.

“From my experience on The Bachelor, I came out completely destroyed and it took me a couple of months to recover,” continued Dasha. “Just the process itself…it’s quite damaging to your emotional health.”

“It’s amazingly intense…It pushed me to my limits,” added Charlie.


So at this point in time Charlie and Dasha are happy just enjoying their time together and are seeing how things go.

But we do hope they end up together! They’re probably the hottest pair we’ve ever seen! Plus just imagine the babies they would make…

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