In the most exciting news since Ross found out that Rachel got off the plane, we finally got confirmation over the weekend that the FRIENDS reunion that’s been rumoured for years is actually happening.

The news came in a simultaneous Instagram post from five of the six FRIENDS stars, Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, Lisa Kudro, Matthew Perry, David Schwimmer of the cast riding along in a car.

While Matt LeBlanc didn’t post the image, he was tagged in every post meaning we think he’ll be part of the reunion.

All they said in the caption is, “It’s happening…” and tagged HBO Max who will host the reunion special believed to be taking place sometime in May.

Ever since, we’ve wanted to know EVERYTHING about the reunion of our literal dreams, celeb gossip blogger Perez Hilton spoke to Kyle & Jackie O today about what to expect from the reunion and how much the six friends will be getting paid to take to the screen once again.


(Let’s just hope it’s not all going to FICA this time hey Rach?)


“I am mildly, temperately excited about this, but not over the moon about it because as many people expected and predicted, it’s not going to be a scripted reunion. It’s an unscripted look back at their time together while they were filming the show FRIENDS.”


Perez also revealed that all of the cast members will be producers for the special and will work with the original creators. He also revealed that it will all be filmed on the original sound stage as the OG sitcom.

BUT it’s not going to be adding to the storyline. It will be a reunion that reminisces about their time together across the 10 seasons of FRIENDS.

“It’s not in character, it’s not anything written, new for them as those people that we loved back in the day.”

As for that paycheque, despite not having to get back into character, Perez claimed that each actor will get paid a WHOPPING sum.

“They don’t have to because just for this reunion special, the non-scripted show for the streaming debut of HBO Max, they’re getting each paid $2.5 million American dollars. That’s a lot of money,” Perez claimed.

According to Perez, this reunion will be more like a reality show than the sitcom we all know and love.


Of course, for MEGA FRIENDS fans this isn’t all too disappointing because anything to do with Rachel, Ross, Phoebe, Joey, Monica and Chandler is incredible.

“People are excited and I’m sure that it will do well enough,” Perez continued. “And I think, I would imagine this is going to be coming out in May, maybe five to six months after that it will probably air on traditional television.

“So if you don’t really feel like signing up for a new streaming service, just wait. It’ll get out there eventually.”

You really are being a party pooper about the best thing to ever happen to us Perez… No matter what, news of FRIENDS reunion, no matter what capacity it comes in, has still made our day, our week, our month or even our year. Period.

Hear more from our chat with Perez Hilton about the FRIENDS reunion in the podcast below!

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