Meet Mel Dzelde, a beloved friend of the station. We have been following her journey, alongside her husband Chris, her beautiful Children and all of her friends and family. Mel has had a rough time of late, facing numerous bouts of cancer and now battling motor neurone disease, there is unfortunately no going back from here, Mel’s condition is terminal. The outpour of love and support she has received, and the overwhelming amount of people who have reached out to help or tell us about their own unique friendship with Mel, just shows how incredible this woman is and how many lives she has touched.

The extremely selfless Mel, a woman who puts everyone before herself, is terrified to leave her family with the medical debt she has accumulated over her years of ill-health. Mel has never wanted to be an imposition on anyone and is passionate about not letting her illness affect her husband or her kids. So, we’re asking our amazing listeners and friends and family to help create a Christmas miracle and relieve her husband, Chris, of some of the financial stress he is currently experiencing. Chris is currently struggling, having given up work for 18 months to become Mel’s sole carer and having to take out a personal bank loan to pay for crucial radiotherapy cancer treatment.

Absolutely any contribution is a huge help and so appreciated by Mel and her entire family. Find out how you can help support Mel and her family here:

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