For weeks now the talk of the town has been the alleged poo scandal that is set to go down on this season of Married At First Sight.

In leaked footage published by the Daily Telegraph a few weeks ago, one of the grooms is seen taking his on-screen wife’s toothbrush and using it to clean faeces from the side of the toilet bowl.

He then goes back for round two and dips the toothbrush into the toilet water before place the brush back on the bathroom bench.

You can watch the video here but be warned it’s basically the equivalent of vomiting in your mouth. Worse actually. Much worse!

Anyway, at the time was reported by Daily Mail that the couple at the centre of the scandal is David Cannon and Hayley Vernon.


And as you’ll know, these two just got married on the MAFS episode that aired tonight leaving us with a LOT of questions! Yep, even more than we had when we first saw the poo scandal footage!

As soon as David and Hayley meet at the end of the ailse, they’re vibing each other hard. Hayley is very outspoken, which annoys David’s conservative parents, but David seems to love it!

In fact, he actually says during a piece-to-camera that he thinks Hayley is like the female version of him!

The pair laugh, kiss, and dance the night away! So what in the HECK goes wrong here?

You can’t tell us that this toothbrush thing is some kind of sick practical joke between these two?!

Basically all this tells us is that something big, bad and ugly is on the way for this couple.


What we do find ironic though is that the whole episode David’s very Christian parents are going on about how they just hope their son’s wife will uphold their values and yet there’s their son dipping his bride’s toothbrush down the dunny…

No doubt we’ll be glued to our screens for the next few weeks hoping that we find out exactly where this bad blood stems from!